CSQ Survey





I hope you are well? You kindly ordered recently some  through  at The Sourcing Team and on completion of order we love to receive client feedback. As you are a new/existing client to The Sourcing Team, I wonder if you would kindly answer a few questions, it only take a couple of minutes?


Your completion means we can consistently monitor and collate our customer reviews and ensure they are used for staff training, reviews and development of The Sourcing Team for the future.


1.       What were your key criteria in choice of supplier for this order?


2.      Please rate the following questions with a 1,2,3,4 or 5. 1 =very poor to 5 = very good.


a)      How would you rate the response to your initial quotation request?

b)      How did you find the overall quotation service?

c)      How would you rate the order process?

d)      How would you rate the level of communication during your order?

e)      How was the communication regarding your delivery?

f)       Overall how satisfied were you with this order?


3.      Was there anything we could have done differently to improve overall service?


4.      What did you particularly like about the way The Sourcing Team handled this project?


5.      Would you be happy to recommend The Sourcing Team? – Is there anyone we can be in touch with – please give name and details. Could be inside or outside of the company. 


CSQ Survey