Computer Accessories


At home and at work we can’t be without the computer – therefore, computer accessories make a fantastic promotional gift.  We have something to fit a range of budgets from mouse mats (in different materials, sizes or bespoke shapes) to travel accessories, USB hubs and computer mice.  The Sourcing Team supply 1000’s of USB Flash Drives every year – we benefit from our large number of partnerships allowing us to carefully price check  - ensuring you get you the best price and service every time.  Don’t forget we can also produce totally bespoke USB Flashdrives so your gift really stands out from the croud!

  1. Bling Bling Computer Mouse 47171

    Bling Bling Computer Mouse
    Eye-catching 2.0 optical computer mouse with artificial diamonds

    From£18.26 Each


    A thin USB flash drive and key chain available in various trendy colors. Including 16 mm split...


  3. Computer cleaning set 46796

    Computer cleaning set
    Computer vacuum cleaner, screen cleaner and CD cleaner in Nylon and PU pouch

    From£7.29 Each

  4. Computer set 46801

    Computer set
    Multimedia accessories in a microfiber case includes a mini optical mouse, 4 ports USB hub, 35-in-1...

    From£27.66 Each

  5. Computer set 46800

    Computer set
    Microfiber case with key pad calculator, 4 ports USB Hub, mini optical mouse and extension cord

    From£18.97 Each

  6. Computer set 46799

    Computer set
    Microfibre case with mini optical mouse, 4 ports USB Hub, travel Internet telephone and laptop light

    From£19.72 Each

  7. Ear Candy - Earphones 19438

    Ear Candy - Earphones
    mp3/mp4 Earphones for your music device. Supplied in White transparent case with translucent...

    From£2.75 Each

  8. Eco Mouse 47096

    Eco Mouse
    This stylishly design mouse has a power save button; when pushing this button the computer will...

    From£16.05 Each

  9. Eco Touch 47112

    Eco Touch
    Press once and save twice. It is time to press the green button. This power saver is the perfect...

    From£2.91 Each

  10. Energy Saver 47099

    Energy Saver
    Charge the environment by saving energy. Leaving your charger plugged inside the wall when you're...

    From£23.35 Each

  11. Executive Computer Set 46807

    Executive Computer Set
    Imitation leather mouse and 4 ports hub. Including retractable cables to connect the items. Comes...

    From£39.41 Each

  12. Faversham Laptop Backpack 149865

    Faversham Laptop Backpack
    Sturdy laptop backpack (for screens up to 15.4" size) made from Reach compliant 600 x 600D...

    From£13.44 Each

  13. Fordcombe Tablet PC Case/Stand 149851

    Fordcombe Tablet PC Case/Stand
    Tablet PC case made from bonded leather with elasticated closure and metal strip. Folds into...

    From£8.29 Each

  14. Glacier mini optical mouse 47078

    Glacier mini optical mouse
    Modern shape mini mouse with retractable cable

    From£7.60 Each

  15. Glacier USB Wireless Optical Mouse 47079

    Glacier USB Wireless Optical Mouse
    Modern shape wireless mouse with integrated receiver

    From£17.51 Each

  16. Glasses and Screen Cleaning Kit 149895

    Glasses and Screen Cleaning Kit
    An anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles...

    From£1.71 Each

  17. Glasses and Screen Cleaning Kit ADV15.14713

    Glasses and Screen Cleaning Kit
    An anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles...

    From£1.69 Each

  18. Internet Camera Speaker 47095

    Internet Camera Speaker
    This sharp design webcam and skype phone in 1 is the only thing you need for a video conference....

    From£35.09 Each

  19. Ipad Case 31801

    Ipad Case
    Leather look Ipad case, with two stands on the rear to support Ipad at two heights one is ideal for...

    From£19.45 Each

  20. iPad Sleeve 150283

    iPad Sleeve
    Produced in leather look Belluno PU. Custom colours made to order from 300 pieces.

    From£5.07 Each

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