MP3 & MP4 Accessories

  1. Coloured Earbuds 150464

    Coloured Earbuds
    Super lightweight stylish ear buds. Includes a handy storage box.

    From£2.95 Each

  2. Earbuds 150227

    Pair of earphones for Mp3/4 players with two spare sets of buds and supplied in a plastic case.

    From£0.81 Each

  3. Funky Headphones 150503

    Funky Headphones
    Fun coloured headphones for impactful advertising of your message.

    From£4.86 Each

  4. Holly Earphones 150328

    Holly Earphones
    White rectractable standard earphones with 1m cord, 3.5mm jack plug and gold plated connector.

    From£1.72 Each

  5. MP3 Portable Speaker PHI.SBA1600

    MP3 Portable Speaker
    Move with your music! Enjoy stereo sound wherever you go on a travel speaker withexceptional...

    From£15.94 Each

  6. Music Bag - Speaker 32002

    Music Bag - Speaker
    Speaker bag with built in battery. Convenient for use when travelling. Inside compartment to hold...

    From£8.44 Each

  7. NOISY - Mini speaker 002101152

    NOISY - Mini speaker
    Portable mini cube amplifier speaker. Can be connected to your MP3 player, mobile telephone and/or...

    From£6.90 Each

  8. Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset PHI.SHB9001

    Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    Experience 'better than corded’ sound from the headset’s acoustically tuned speaker chassis with...

    From£69.44 Each

  9. Philips Cushion Speaker PHI.SDC5100

    Philips Cushion Speaker
    This comfortable cushion for your lap makes the use of any laptop comfortable, anywhere, anytime....

    From£50.00 Each

  10. Philips Earhook Headphones PHI.SHQ3000

    Philips Earhook Headphones
    These flexible and adjustable lightweight earhook earphones are especially designed for the sports...

    From£18.06 Each

  11. Philips Headband Headphones PHI.SHL8800

    Philips Headband Headphones
    Experience the clear sound reproduction and strong bass delivered by these high quality headphones....

    From£22.92 Each

  12. Philips Notebook USB Speakers PHI.SPA2210

    Philips Notebook USB Speakers
    Great for music, voice and soundtracks! Just connect to your notebook or MP3 player and we’ll bring...

    From£18.06 Each

  13. Wireless Headset 150468

    Wireless Headset
    Wireless stereo headset with transmission range of 10 metres. Call and music automatically switch....

    From£45.90 Each

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