Laser Pointers

  1. 4 In 1 Pen 46453

    4 In 1 Pen
    Executive classic ballpoint with LED light, laser pointer and PDA pointer. Tin gift box included....

    From£7.22 Each

  2. 4 in 1 pen ADV15.18318

    4 in 1 pen
    Brass pen with stylus function, laser pointer and torch all in one to make presenting easy.

    From£2.53 Each

  3. Cairo 46409

    Ballpoint black / PDA / LED / Laser pointer .Effective laser distance of 100 metres. Metal

    From£7.29 Each

  4. Key Point - Laser Pointer 002100527

    Key Point - Laser Pointer
    Laser pointer with aluminium case torch and keyring. Laser pointer distance more than 15m

    From£3.74 Each

  5. Laser Pointer 47486

    Laser Pointer
    Chrome plated . Effective laser distance: 100 metres. Includes silver gift box. Metal

    From£11.92 Each

  6. Laser pointer 47487

    Laser pointer
    Laser Pointer With LED. Compact and easy to carry. Bright LED and imitation leather pouch included....

    From£2.10 Each

  7. Laser Pointer 47275

    Laser Pointer
    Executive with effective laser distance: 80 metres. Includes black gift box. Metal

    From£8.75 Each

  8. Laser Presenter 47108

    Laser Presenter
    Small compact with an effective laser distance of 15 metres. Metal

    From£11.67 Each

  9. Laser presenter 47285

    Laser presenter
    Laser pointer, remote control presenter and presentation timer function. Effective laser distance:...

    From£18.97 Each

  10. Navigator 002100529

    3 in 1 presenter, Laser pointer, remote controlled page up and down function for powerpoint by...

    From£13.06 Each

  11. Seminat Junior - Laser pointer 00299781

    Seminat Junior - Laser pointer
    Laser pointer with USB storage drive, With remote controlled pge up and down function for...


  12. Ypsilon Laser Presenter 47283

    Ypsilon Laser Presenter
    Effective laser distance 10 metre. Remote control presenter and remote control mouse. Metal

    From£43.79 Each

  13. Zodiac Laser Presenter 47219

    Zodiac Laser Presenter
    Laser pointer with 10 meters effective distance and remote control presenter. Metal

    From£24.24 Each