We are able to offer a massive range of watches, desk clocks, wall clocks – either off the shelf designs, simply decorated with your logo or message, or we offer a totally bespoke service – allowing you to have something totally unique to your brand. 

  1. 4 in 1 multi function clock 17698

    4 in 1 multi function clock
    no batteries required for this water powered multi function clock that can, tell the time, date,...


  2. Alarm Clock & Pen Holder 20018

    Alarm Clock & Pen Holder
    Save some desk space with this integrated pen holder and alarm clock with C/F temperature function

    From£5.15 Each

  3. Brainstorm 19393

    Handheld game to test your brain reflex by answering arithmetic questions, The results indicate...

    From£4.54 Each

  4. Button Clock ADV15.1732

    Button Clock
    Low cost modern folding travel alarm clock with snooze function. Produced in transluscent colours....

    From£1.50 Each

  5. Cool Britannia Alarm Clock ETH.020

    Cool Britannia Alarm Clock
    Cool Britannia Alarm Clock, In Coloured Box

    From£3.65 Each

  6. Desk Clock ADV15.18070

    Desk Clock
    With polished silver finish and black rubberised back and stand. Matt silver dial.

    From£11.93 Each

  7. Flexi Alarm Clock ADV15.12933

    Flexi Alarm Clock
    Alarm clock, memo holder, pen holder and phone holder gadget.

    From£1.98 Each

  8. Foldable Alarm Clock ADV15.12932

    Foldable Alarm Clock
    Compact foldable alarm clock with 12/24 hour indication, snooze function, timer, C/F thermometer...

    From£3.01 Each

  9. Labyrinth Clock 19392

    Labyrinth Clock
    Mini clock showing time, month and date

    From£2.75 Each

  10. Lausanne Travel Clock ADV15.18759

    Lausanne Travel Clock
    Strong chrome metal body and precision technology present themselves together in this easy to...

    From£4.71 Each

  11. Lexington Clock ADV15.5205

    Lexington Clock
    Shiny and matt nickel plated clock with quartz analogue movement. Matching card holder and paper...


  12. Moodlight Touch Clock 19391

    Moodlight Touch Clock
    Multi function clock with 7 color changing backlight, Displays time,date, temperature and alarm,...

    From£12.27 Each

  13. Navigator Desk Clock ADV15.18233

    Navigator Desk Clock
    A stylish worldtime clock with a dome lens, attractive glass base and rotating bezel which...

    From£18.94 Each

  14. Pillow Clock ADV15.9008

    Pillow Clock
    Highly polished heavyweight clock with quartz analogue movement.


  15. Rocking Clock 19395

    Rocking Clock
    Rocking analog clock with analog quartz movement, clock bounces back to original position

    From£6.71 Each

  16. Rocking Clock - Digital 19396

    Rocking Clock - Digital
    Rocking digital clock with calender function.ABS material, Clock bounces back to original position.

    From£6.18 Each

  17. Sentara Clock ADV15.20599

    Sentara Clock
    Alarm clock with fantastic logo area. Great for the desk, kitchen, office or by the bed. Supplied...

    From£1.23 Each

  18. Small Digital clock 17696

    Small Digital clock
    Small silver digital clock requires no batteries and is powered by water.


  19. Sunray Alarm Travel Clock ADV15.18230

    Sunray Alarm Travel Clock
    A compact metal alarm clock with an attractive sunray cover. The cover rotates to reveal the clock...

    From£9.85 Each

  20. Torso Clock ADV15.14662

    Torso Clock
    Beautifully designed clock with a modern brushed finish. Perfect for the home or the executive's...

    From£10.83 Each

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