1. 50g nets of foiled mini eggs BIT.EGGS


  2. 50g of foil wrapped milk chocolate eggs in a net SWE.C1057-2SL


  3. Biscuit Full colour printed 70740724

    Biscuit Full colour printed
    Individually printed biscuits - flow wrapped in clear cello. Biscuit Printed 4 Colour Process....

    From£0.53 Each

  4. Branded Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar ADV15.14355

    Branded Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar
    Fine quality 100g dark chocolate bar in a nice matt black rigid box. Branded with your own unique...


  5. Energy Drinks 24145

    Energy Drinks
    Energy drinks in cans with a lable printed full colour process on the can. 60ml per can.

    From£1.46 Each

  6. Fortune Cookies 70793811

    Fortune Cookies
    Foil wrapped fortune cookies with up to five personalised messages.

    From£0.30 Each

  7. Lollipop ADV15.20717

    5g lollipops with process printed label. Mixture of flavours: apple, cola, lemon and strawberry....


  8. Mini Biscuit in Flow Pack ADV15.18152

    Mini Biscuit in Flow Pack
    Individual 5g biscuit in printed transparent flow packet. Choose from shortbread, pizza, cheese or...


  9. Mini Cakes 7078581

    Mini Cakes
    A rich moist traditional fruit cake 110g (55mm) square available either hand iced or edible screen...

    From£4.27 Each

  10. Mini Mince Pie 24093

    Mini Mince Pie
    Deliciously cute mini mince pie baked to order and delivered in its own personalised box (up to 4...

    From£2.50 Each

  11. Multi-grain cereal bars COR.MULTIGRAINBAR

    Multi-grain cereal bars


  12. Rock Sticks 70740720

    Rock Sticks
    12 x 2cm Sticks of Rock in Clear Cello Wrapper. Rock Personalised upto 6 Colours. Label Printed 4...

    From£0.66 Each

  13. Rock Sweets 70740719

    Rock Sweets
    Individually Wrapper Rock Sweets. Personalised throughout the whole sweet in 1 - 6 Colours.

    From£635.25 Each

  14. Tea Bags 24148

    Tea Bags
    Tea bags in white envelopes filled with English breakfast tea. Envelope printed four spot colours....

    From£0.14 Each

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