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We do a lot more than is shown here ... including; BBQ's, garden furniture, promotional outdoor furniture, promotional parasols, through to household luxury goods. And lots, lots more kitchen accessories, wine gift sets, bathroom accessories and toweling products, candles and candle holders, household decorative items, picture frames! Why not call the team to discuss your particular requirements +44(020 8288 8277, email direct to info@sourcing.co.uk or, click the Live Chat button and chat to one of the team!

  1. Dog Bowl ADV15.18052

    Dog Bowl
    A large pet bowl moulded in tough polypropylene plastic.

    From£1.34 Each

  2. Fly Swat ADV15.20403

    Fly Swat
    Fly swat made of PE.

    From£0.49 Each

  3. Pet Poop Bag Holder ADV15.18051

    Pet Poop Bag Holder
    This handy poop bag holder comes with a roll of 20 bags and includes a clip fastener.

    From£0.81 Each