Pen Sets

  1. Albero Exceutive Set 17483

    Albero Exceutive Set
    Executive retractable pen with a natural wood finish and choice of coloured metal clips


  2. Aliers Pen Set 46468

    Aliers Pen Set
    Not afraid to make a statement? Then this pen set will suit your lifestyle. Unique feature of this...

    From£13.13 Each

  3. Auvergne Gift Set 46443

    Auvergne Gift Set
    A beautiful and stylishly designed business travel set. Includes imitation leather passport holder,...

    From£21.82 Each

  4. Auvergne Mini Pen Set 46447

    Auvergne Mini Pen Set
    A special design in our Balmain range of a mini fountain pen and ballpoint. This set comes in a...

    From£14.59 Each

  5. Auvergne Pen Set 46445

    Auvergne Pen Set
    Classic design with a modern touch. This ballpoint and mechanical pen are presented in a two toned...

    From£16.06 Each

  6. Auvergne Pen Set 46444

    Auvergne Pen Set
    Full range pen set that covers all your needs. Set includes a mechanical pen, roller ballpoint and...

    From£22.64 Each

  7. Ballograf Epoca Desk Set ADV15.20651

    Ballograf Epoca Desk Set
    The classic bank pen available with or without 45cm chain. Available in 11 different colours. A...


  8. Ballpoint pen gift set TST.10627300

    Ballpoint pen gift set
    Ballpoint pen gift set. Timeless pen set with ballpoint pen and notebook (14.3 x 9cm) with contrast...

    From£14.96 Each

  9. Ballpoint pen gift set TST.10620302

    Ballpoint pen gift set
    Ballpoint pen gift set. Exclusive design ballpoint pen and rollerball pen set with Balmain...

    From£5.56 Each

  10. Ballpoint pen gift set 46509

    Ballpoint pen gift set
    Ballpoint pen gift set. Exclusive design ballpoint pen and rollerball pen set with Balmain...

    From£4.37 Each

  11. Balmain Bergerac Gift Set 150460

    Balmain Bergerac Gift Set
    Includes rollerball and 4GB USB memory stick.

    From£34.05 Each

  12. Balmain Millau gift set II 47518

    Balmain Millau gift set II
    Leather wrapped ballpoint, imitation leather wrapped letter-opener and credit card holder in luxury...

    From£18.97 Each

  13. Bergerac Gift Set 46527

    Bergerac Gift Set
    This clean cut pen set is meant for those who want their writing instruments to be sharp looking...

    From£32.11 Each

  14. Bristol Pen Set 46470

    Bristol Pen Set
    Ballpoint and roller ball in gift box

    From£3.78 Each

  15. Bucarest Pen Set 46469

    Bucarest Pen Set
    Ballpoint and roller ball in soft touch executive gift box

    From£43.79 Each

  16. Caen Set 46446

    Caen Set
    A magnificent gift set with a history. This beautiful classically designed pen set offers you a...

    From£43.79 Each

  17. Cannes pen set 46420

    Cannes pen set
    Ballpoint and roller ball in luxury gift box

    From£29.19 Each

  18. Classic pen set 47461

    Classic pen set
    Roller ball / ballpoint in luxury gift box

    From£10.10 Each

  19. Concorde Pen Set 47511

    Concorde Pen Set
    A perfect combination of two classic writing instruments presented together in a nice gift box....

    From£7.29 Each

  20. Corsica Gift Set 46467

    Corsica Gift Set
    Balmain's ultimate business set, a definite must have. The sharp and modern design of this set is...

    From£64.40 Each

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