1. 119 pcs Tool set 47313

    119 pcs Tool set
    Wrenches, 8 hex keys, 3 pliers, 3 screwdrivers, 2 precision tools, extendable magnet tool, cutting...

    From£35.03 Each

  2. 15 Pcs Tool Set 46336

    15 Pcs Tool Set
    Hammer, pliers, ratchet handle, bits and spanner in case

    From£20.44 Each

  3. 16 Function Multi-Tool 46361

    16 Function Multi-Tool
    High quality rubber edged 16 function tool includes 6 hex keys, philips screw driver, screw driver,...

    From£5.07 Each

  4. 199 Pcs Tool Set 46345

    199 Pcs Tool Set
    All you ever wanted in a toolset. This professional Dunlop case with metal locks includes 4 pcs of...

    From£68.52 Each

  5. 20 pcs Tool set 47369

    20 pcs Tool set
    2 Pliers, 2 precision tools, screwdriver handle with connector, 10 bits and 4 sockets in tin box

    From£9.15 Each

  6. 24 pcs Tool set 47245

    24 pcs Tool set
    5 Precision screwdrivers, screwdriver, 10 bits, connector, 4 sockets, 2 pliers and tweezers...

    From£9.94 Each

  7. 25 pcs Tool set 47277

    25 pcs Tool set
    Screwdriver handle with 10 bits, connector, 4 sockets, tweezers, 2 pliers and 6 precision tools in...

    From£7.22 Each

  8. 31 Pcs Tool Set 46320

    31 Pcs Tool Set
    2 Pcs screwdriver, hammer, knife, torch, manometer, tape, screwdriver handle with connector, 10...

    From£36.55 Each

  9. 47 Pcs Professional Tool Set 46346

    47 Pcs Professional Tool Set
    With this toolset you can get any job done. It includes hammer, adjustable spanner, level, laser...

    From£81.84 Each

  10. 98 pcs Tool set 47312

    98 pcs Tool set
    Functional tool set in blow moulded case includes 6 Double side spanners, electrical pliers,...

    From£24.81 Each

  11. Bike Puncture Repair Kit 150423

    Bike Puncture Repair Kit
    15 piece multitool, 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers in blue pouch with reflective trim.

    From£7.77 Each

  12. Bike repair kit 47280

    Bike repair kit
    15 Pcs multi-tool, 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers in 600D polyester pouch with reflective...

    From£7.18 Each

  13. Bio Oval Bike Stand 95051982

    Bio Oval Bike Stand
    The standard Oval Bike Stand is made from Biodegradable plastic.

    From£0.74 Each

  14. Corkscrew and Cover 70282046

    Corkscrew and Cover
    Translucent colours and a concealed metal screw make this a must have in the wine cellar.

    From£1.01 Each

  15. Dunlop 16 Piece Function Multi Tool 150429

    Dunlop 16 Piece Function Multi Tool
    Useful, high quality tool from Dunlop.

    From£6.56 Each

  16. Framework Multitool 150825

    Framework Multitool
    15 functions stainless steel multitool, includes. 2 pliers, wire cutter, big knife, several...

    From£5.01 Each

  17. Laser Level 46331

    Laser Level
    Get your things straight. This high end projects a laser beam to show a straight line in order to...

    From£16.36 Each

  18. Multi-function Knife 46313

    Multi-function Knife
    Tin box with a 15 functions knife. The knife is enriched with a wooden inlay

    From£5.76 Each

  19. Multi-function Knife 47279

    Multi-function Knife
    Basic 12 functions knife in pouch. 600D Polyester. Warning, this product is not available for the...

    From£2.28 Each

  20. Multi Function Tool 46333

    Multi Function Tool
    High quality 18 function tool with pouch. Exclusively designed for Dunlop

    From£15.32 Each

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