1. 9 LED Aluminium Flashlight 150129

    9 LED Aluminium Flashlight
    Nine super bright 5mm white LED lights. Lightweight aluminium construction. Convenient positive...

    From£2.14 Each

  2. 9 LED Torch 46368

    9 LED Torch
    Stylish 9 bright LED torch with strap. Available in different colours. Aluminium

    From£1.29 Each

  3. Aurola Torch 46365

    Aurola Torch
    Sturdy 9 LED torch with strap. Metal

    From£2.40 Each

  4. Colourful Torch 150444

    Colourful Torch
    Coloured torch that includes an option for the main body to light up or even flash.

    From£2.62 Each

  5. Credit card torch 35471

    Credit card torch
    Printed full colour all over

    From£1.23 Each

  6. Cube Torch ADV15.20249

    Cube Torch
    High Powered metal 6 LED torch, in a compact cube design.

    From£1.37 Each

  7. Dynamo Emergency Torch 46354

    Dynamo Emergency Torch
    This product is a must have for traffic emergencies. A dynamo safety torch which includes belt...

    From£20.80 Each

  8. Dynamo Torch 150325

    Dynamo Torch
    2 LED hand held dynamo torch.

    From£1.10 Each

  9. Dynamo Torch 20768318

    Dynamo Torch
    Never be let down by flat batteries with these wind up torches in bright colours.

    From£1.95 Each

  10. Dynamo Torch 46330

    Dynamo Torch
    Sturdy designed torch. The torch has two bright LED's, you simply crank the fold-out handle. 2...

    From£6.97 Each

  11. Dynamo torch 46319

    Dynamo torch
    Ultimate torch offers a 3 bright LED that never burns out as it does not need batteries, perfect...

    From£3.06 Each

  12. Dynamo torch 46324

    Dynamo torch
    Due to the dynamo system you do not need any batteries this does not only save you money but its...

    From£0.94 Each

  13. Dynamo Torch ADV15.8157

    Dynamo Torch
    2 LED hand held dynamo powered torch.

    From£1.15 Each

  14. Galaxy Key Light 150459

    Galaxy Key Light
    Single white LED light. Twist-action on/off power switch. Metal keychain and split ring.

    From£1.21 Each

  15. Keyring Torch 70139916

    Keyring Torch
    Super bright and easy to operate the keyring torch provides the perfect solution to a keyring...

    From£0.75 Each

  16. Led Torch 46329

    Led Torch
    Highly appreciated gift, a handy bright 9 LED designed torch with rubber handle and metal head with...

    From£9.40 Each

  17. Led Torch 46315

    Led Torch
    Shine a light with this bright with clip. Batteries are included and comes in a gift box

    From£3.36 Each

  18. Lobster Key Light and Bottle Opener ADV15.18310

    Lobster Key Light and Bottle Opener
    3 white LED lights with bottle opener. Push-button power. Metal split key ring. Batteries included....

    From£1.26 Each

  19. Maglite LED Solitaire Torch ADV15.17120

    Maglite LED Solitaire Torch
    Enhanced brighter whiter light. Extended battery life. High strength anodised aluminium casing....

    From£14.64 Each

  20. Maglite Solitaire Torch 149982

    Maglite Solitaire Torch
    Supplied individually boxed in a black presentation case with AAA battery and lanyard. Manufactured...

    From£6.73 Each

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