Pocket Knives

  1. Cutter Knife 46360

    Cutter Knife
    with automatic retractable blade

    From£0.36 Each

  2. Dunlop Dual Tool 46359

    Dunlop Dual Tool
    This dual tool has two blades one is a knife and the other blade has a opener and screwdriver...

    From£2.86 Each

  3. Knife 46170

    This robust is packed in a Crossing gift box. The blade can be locked for safe handling....

    From£6.77 Each

  4. Multi Function Knife 46321

    Multi Function Knife
    High quality 15 functions knife in pouch. 600D polyester

    From£4.85 Each

  5. Multi-Function Pocket Knife 46328

    Multi-Function Pocket Knife
    The wooden inlay and the imperial bee seal of Laguiole make this 19 functions knife a pleasure for...

    From£10.58 Each

  6. Pocket Knife 47226

    Pocket Knife
    This traditional Laguiole has a delicate engraving of a chiseled spring on the handle. This brings...

    From£15.10 Each

  7. Pocket knife 47278

    Pocket knife
    Tin box with . The knife blade can be locked. (additional UK legislation may apply on this item)

    From£6.22 Each

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