BBQ Accessories

  1. 12 pcs BBQ set 47266

    12 pcs BBQ set
    4 Big skewers, 4 small skewers, meat knife, tongs, fork and spatula in hard case with engraving...

    From£31.32 Each

  2. 14 Pcs BBQ set 46165

    14 Pcs BBQ set
    This set offers you all the tools you need for barbecuing. You will find a wooden cutting board,...

    From£21.82 Each

  3. 3 pcs BBQ set 47272

    3 pcs BBQ set
    Spatula, tongs and fork in metal case with engraving plate

    From£14.52 Each

  4. 4 Pcs BBQ Set 46167

    4 Pcs BBQ Set
    Do you love to barbecue, just like Jamie Oliver? Then this set is a must have for you! It consists...

    From£36.58 Each

  5. Bbq 46127

    Portable charcoal with durable stainless steel body and legs. Coloured enamel coated lid and...

    From£83.18 Each

  6. BBQ Golf Bag Set 46137

    BBQ Golf Bag Set
    Exclusive bag with several golf-designed BBQ accessories. Contains a spatula, meat fork, basting...

    From£39.55 Each

  7. Cool Britannia 3PC BBQ Tool Set ETH.031

    Cool Britannia 3PC BBQ Tool Set
    Cool Britannia 3PC BBQ Tool Set, Red, White, Blue Handles In A Coloured Box

    From£3.89 Each

  8. Fire Bbq Set 46166

    Fire Bbq Set
    ''. The fire red metal bucket holds 4 useful tools; tongs, spatula, fork and a large knife. The...

    From£24.34 Each

  9. Summer Grill 46157

    Summer Grill
    Grill the perfect burgers and steaks on this colourful . The grill is made of sturdy steel and the...

    From£43.79 Each

  10. Weber BBQ Apron TST.BBQAPRON

    Weber BBQ Apron
    Weber BBQ Apron. Stylish and practical, this apron protects you and your clothes from embers and...

    From£11.11 Each

  11. Weber BBQ Mitt TST.BBQMITT

    Weber BBQ Mitt
    Weber BBQ Mitt. Stylish and practical. These extra long BBQ mitts are specially designed for all...

    From£8.54 Each

  12. Weber BBQ Tool Set with soft rubber grip TST.BBQTOOLSET

    Weber BBQ Tool Set with soft rubber grip
    Weber BBQ Tool Set. The essential barbecue accessories - the set includes tongs and spatula with a...

    From£25.63 Each

  13. Weber One-Touch Premium BBQ (47cm) TST.ONETOUCHPREMIUM

    Weber One-Touch Premium BBQ (47cm)
    Weber One-Touch Premium Barbecue (47cm). Available in three sizes (47cm, 57cm and 67cm), this...

    From£145.29 Each

  14. Weber Q100 BBQ (Titanium) TST.Q100

    Weber Q100 BBQ (Titanium)
    The Weber Q100 Barbecue (Titanium). This versatile barbecue loves your life! Experience the joy of...

    From£162.40 Each

  15. Weber Salt and Pepper Grinders (190mm) TST.S&PGRINDERS

    Weber Salt and Pepper Grinders (190mm)
    Weber Salt and Pepper Grinders (190mm). Available in the new 2011 funky colour range, spring green,...

    From£34.19 Each

  16. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Tuck and Carry BBQ (Black) TST.SMOKEYJOEPREMIUM

    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Tuck and Carry BBQ (Black)
    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Tuck and Carry Barbecue (Black). The original iconic kettle barbecue in...

    From£47.00 Each

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