1. Flexible Gas Torch Lighter 47211

    Flexible Gas Torch Lighter
    Be flexible! This lighter can reach every corner and is therefore ideal for stoves and fireplaces....

    From£2.40 Each

  2. LED piezo lighter 47212

    LED piezo lighter
    This modern lighter is featured with a blue LED light. Filled with gas, is refillable and has a...

    From£0.72 Each

  3. Long Gas Torch 46224

    Long Gas Torch
    This elegant lighter is ideal to light candles or to use around the stove. Filled with gas and...

    From£2.20 Each

  4. Match Lighter Large 47210

    Match Lighter Large
    Light this match to light candles or a fireplace. Filled with gas and is refillable. Metal....

    From£3.27 Each

  5. Multi-purpose Lighter 46245

    Multi-purpose Lighter
    Packed in a nice gift box. Filled with gas and is refillable

    From£2.15 Each

  6. Multi-purpose Lighter 46255

    Multi-purpose Lighter
    You can't cook without fire, so keep Jamie Oliver's lighter close to the stove or bbq. Metal

    From£17.43 Each

  7. Multi-purpose Lighter 46657

    Multi-purpose Lighter
    This metal lighter with wooden inlay will be an eye catcher in your kitchen. Filled with gas and is...

    From£5.79 Each

  8. Multi-purpose Lighter 47297

    Multi-purpose Lighter
    This high quality lighter with wooden in lay has the personal approval of Paul Bocuse. Filled with...

    From£7.02 Each

  9. Multi-purpose Lighter 47217

    Multi-purpose Lighter
    Filled with gas and is refillable. Metal

    From£3.23 Each

  10. Rectangular Piezo Lighter 47207

    Rectangular Piezo Lighter
    This metal lighter makes a sophisticated accessory. Filled with gas and is refillable. Metal

    From£2.61 Each

  11. Refillable Piezo Lighter 46241

    Refillable Piezo Lighter
    You can't go wrong with this traditional lighter. Filled with gas, has a child lock protection and...

    From£0.38 Each

  12. Slide Cap Piezo Lighter 47209

    Slide Cap Piezo Lighter
    The black textured edge gives this metal lighter a sturdy look. Filled with gas and is refillable....

    From£1.96 Each

  13. Small Multi-Purpose Lighter 46675

    Small Multi-Purpose Lighter
    This multi-purpose lighter is ideal thanks to its size, you can use it in the kitchen or whilst...

    From£4.16 Each

  14. Uni Lighter 46302

    Uni Lighter
    This stylish lighter has an integrated pusher that you will need to lift before pushing. Filled...

    From£2.84 Each

  15. Windproof Lighter 47208

    Windproof Lighter
    Offer a light with this classic lighter. The lighter tank can be refilled with lighter fluid. Metal

    From£1.41 Each

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