1. Carmel Pedometer ADV15.15916

    Carmel Pedometer
    Basic pedometer with clip.

    From£0.82 Each

  2. Co2 Pedometer 47192

    Co2 Pedometer
    Be aware of the CO2 emission in this world. The eco measures calories burnt, distance travelled,...

    From£5.83 Each

  3. Oval Pedometer ADV15.20288

    Oval Pedometer
    With step counter, LCD display. Auto shut off after 1 minute. Battery included . Can be printed up...

    From£2.99 Each

  4. Pedometer 150680

    A functional product for any fitness related promotions. Includes a counter for the number of steps...

    From£2.90 Each

  5. Pedometer 46217

    With belt clip

    From£0.72 Each

  6. Pedometer 46218

    Features target distance, distance walked, time, target time and target calories burnt

    From£4.54 Each

  7. Pedometer 46242

    Pedometer With Fat Analyser. Pedometer with fat analyser shows walked distance, burnt calories and...

    From£5.32 Each

  8. Pedometer 47193

    Keep healthy with this . This device shows how many steps you have made and has a belt clip on the...

    From£1.60 Each

  9. Pedometer 47186

    Keep fit and count your steps with this with belt clip

    From£2.20 Each

  10. Pulse pedometer 46219

    Pulse pedometer
    Measures distance walked, heart rate and calories burnt. Including clock with stopwatch function...

    From£7.22 Each

  11. Solar Pedometer 46243

    Solar Pedometer
    Solar powered pedometer featuring steps, travelled distance and burnt calories in different formats

    From£2.37 Each

  12. Walk Over - Budget Pedometer 32069

    Walk Over - Budget Pedometer
    Stylish yet low cost pedometer with built in belt clip

    From£2.34 Each