1. Foot Pedicure 90192695

    Foot Pedicure
    This foot pedicure tool will ensure that your feet are in great condition. Has abrasive pads on...

    From£0.35 Each

  2. Handbag Mirror 150163

    Handbag Mirror
    Handbag shaped double mirror supplied in a blue gift box.

    From£5.74 Each

  3. Lipbalm Lanyard 46256

    Lipbalm Lanyard
    Keep your lips in shape at any time. This detachable lanyard makes it easy to take your lipbalm...

    From£0.55 Each

  4. Lipbalm Stick 46312

    Lipbalm Stick
    Lipbalm keeps your lips moist and protects them from external elements. It is enriched with SPF15...

    From£0.31 Each

  5. Mirror with Nail File 150451

    Mirror with Nail File
    Two uses in one - a mirror with a nail file.

    From£0.64 Each

  6. Nail Brush - Star Shape 90192694

    Nail Brush - Star Shape
    This star shaped Nail brush is a great addition to the travel bag or even handy around the home for...

    From£4.27 Each

  7. Polished Compact Mirror 149747

    Polished Compact Mirror
    Stylish double compact mirror in unique curved design. Polished finish. Supplied in a pouch.

    From£6.44 Each

  8. Square Vanity Mirror 150006

    Square Vanity Mirror
    Matt grained and shiny silver finish with 1 standard and 1 magnifying mirror supplied with suedette...

    From£5.96 Each