Metal Clocks

  1. Brite-clock 150684

    Offers both fantastic quality and durability, combined with stunning colour reproduction....


  2. Button Clock 150028

    Button Clock
    Low cost modern folding travel alarm clock with snooze function. Produced in transluscent colours....

    From£2.07 Each

  3. Eco Digital Clock 150445

    Eco Digital Clock
    Colourful eco friendly digital alarm clock made from corn plastic.

    From£7.08 Each

  4. Empire Clock 149752

    Empire Clock
    Black base with silver front and great print area below clock face. Requires battery.

    From£1.56 Each

  5. Foldable Alarm Clock 150490

    Foldable Alarm Clock
    Compact foldable alarm clock with 12/24 hour indication, snooze function, timer, C/F thermometer...

    From£2.87 Each

  6. Lexington Clock 150000

    Lexington Clock
    Shiny and matt nickel plated clock with quartz analogue movement. Matching card holder, paper tray...

    From£9.98 Each

  7. Pillow Clock 150008

    Pillow Clock
    Highly polished heavyweight clock with quartz analogue movement.

    From£9.90 Each

  8. Pop-Up Alarm Clock 150435

    Pop-Up Alarm Clock
    Pop-up system analogue alarm clock in aluminium case. Supplied with velvet pouch.

    From£4.70 Each

  9. Sandringham Carriage Clock 150011

    Sandringham Carriage Clock
    Elegant quartz carriage clock with alarm set in heavy silver case. A classic executive gift.

    From£12.56 Each

  10. Torino Clock 150004

    Torino Clock
    Polished silver finish with black rubberized back and stand. Matt silver dial. Matching letter...

    From£9.74 Each

  11. Torso Clock 149751

    Torso Clock
    Beautifully designed clock with a modern brushed finish. Perfect for the home or the executive's...

    From£10.87 Each

  12. Trio Desk Clock 150427

    Trio Desk Clock
    Alarm with snooze, time in 12/24 hour display, date, day and temperature displays. Battery included.

    From£3.81 Each

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