Plastic Clocks

  1. Alarm Clock & Pen Holder 46780

    Alarm Clock & Pen Holder
    Save some desk space with this integrated pen holder and alarm clock with C/F temperature function

    From£2.45 Each

  2. Clock 46787

    Clock With Photo Frame. Digital desk clock with photo frame.

    From£2.91 Each

  3. DigiTimer 1 19372

    DigiTimer 1
    Count down timer with jumbo display, alarm sound and magnetic back clip

    From£3.69 Each

  4. Egg Alarm Clock Mood Light 46782

    Egg Alarm Clock Mood Light
    Colour changing alarm clock with calendar in a shape that will definitely brighten up your mood

    From£6.88 Each

  5. Flexi alarm clock 47502

    Flexi alarm clock
    Use this nice little gadget as an alarm clock, memo holder, pen holder and phone holder

    From£1.57 Each

  6. Foldable Alarm Clock 47495

    Foldable Alarm Clock
    Small, with snooze function, timer, C/F thermometer, calendar and 12/24 hour indication

    From£1.84 Each

  7. Foldable desk clock 46770

    Foldable desk clock
    Analogue desk clock with foldable backstand. Clock can also be mounted to the wall

    From£24.81 Each

  8. Geo Time Clock 46778

    Geo Time Clock
    Upgrade your office desk with this innovative design analogue clock, showing you the time by...

    From£13.03 Each

  9. Magnifying Rotating Desk Clock 47501

    Magnifying Rotating Desk Clock
    The glass magnifies time and the logo imprint on the other side. Metal

    From£20.43 Each

  10. Mini clock 47498

    Mini clock
    Featuring time and date function

    From£0.88 Each

  11. Pilot control clock 47358

    Pilot control clock
    Analogue desk alarm clock

    From£16.42 Each

  12. Pop-up alarm clock 47500

    Pop-up alarm clock
    Pop-up system analogue alarm clock in aluminium case. With velvet pouch

    From£4.60 Each

  13. Propeller clock 47357

    Propeller clock
    Analogue desk clock with alarm function

    From£19.09 Each

  14. Retro Alarm Clock 46773

    Retro Alarm Clock
    Go back in time with this exclusive retro-designed flip over AM / PM clock with alarm function

    From£43.79 Each

  15. Rotating Clock 46785

    Rotating Clock
    Rotating Clock With Photo Frame. Designed rotating digital desk clock with temperature measurer and...

    From£14.59 Each

  16. Rotating Table Clock 46781

    Rotating Table Clock
    Make each hour count with this nicely designed desk clock. The rotating globe features a clock on...

    From£27.66 Each

  17. Solar Clock 46783

    Solar Clock
    A nice compact desk clock with 12/24 time function, temperature and calendar function. Works on...

    From£7.22 Each

  18. Travel Alarm Clock 46789

    Travel Alarm Clock
    A nicely designed flat with date and temperature. Luxury black pouch is included

    From£9.34 Each

  19. Water Powered Clock 46772

    Water Powered Clock
    With this solution you never need batteries anymore. This ecologically friendly design clock,...

    From£15.90 Each

  20. Water Powered Clock 46776

    Water Powered Clock
    Modernly designed with analogue clock style time display. Also has a detachable stand so that you...

    From£10.21 Each

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