Letter Openers

  1. Compact Zippy 19085

    Compact Zippy
    Simple and effective letter opener containing 170gsm gloss insert. Individually packed in a clear...

    From£1.40 Each

  2. Enviro-Smart - Compact Zippy 18763

    Enviro-Smart - Compact Zippy
    Simple and effective letter opener made from bio-degradeable cornstarch oil. Zippy colour: graphite.

    From£1.56 Each

  3. House letter Opener 60892552

    House letter Opener
    This great shape letter opener will be useful for anyone in the house trade and can be printed on...

    From£0.52 Each

  4. Jumbo Zippy 19088

    Jumbo Zippy
    Simple and effective letter opener with maximum advertising space containing 170gsm gloss insert....

    From£2.05 Each

  5. Letter Opener - Large 60878479

    Letter Opener - Large
    A traditional letter opener but with great advertising space to maximise your logo and message

    From£0.53 Each

  6. Optical Crystal Letter Opener 150073

    Optical Crystal Letter Opener
    The letter opener combines a perfectly clear optical crystal handle with a polished chrome blade,...


  7. Shaped Knife Letter Opener 50336938

    Shaped Knife Letter Opener
    Utilising a standard all plastic blade you can uniquely customise the letter opener with a shaped...

    From£0.30 Each

  8. Small Letter Opener - with blade 60878006

    Small Letter Opener - with blade
    A standard shaped letter opener with metal cutting blade. Can be printed on both sides.

    From£0.30 Each

  9. Standard Knife Letter Opener 50336939

    Standard Knife Letter Opener
    This plastic letter opener can be printed in up to 4 spot colours. Available in a wide range of...

    From£0.22 Each

  10. Truck Letter Opener 60878659

    Truck Letter Opener
    A selection of shapes and sizes to fit all budgets make these letter openers a great giveaway tool.

    From£0.53 Each

  11. Van Zippy 19122

    Van Zippy
    Van shaped letter opener. Individually packed in a clear polythene bag.

    From£1.63 Each

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