Stress Products

  1. Apple Incense Set 46651

    Apple Incense Set
    Brighten up your day with the fresh apple scent of this incense set

    From£1.98 Each

  2. Building Bricks Stress Reliever 46306

    Building Bricks Stress Reliever
    Build your business with this set of 4 colourful building bricks

    From£2.48 Each

  3. Candle Set 46707

    Candle Set
    Create the right atmosphere with this . The luxury gift box consists of 3 scented candles, 10...

    From£11.81 Each

  4. Cube Stress Ball RJP.S0077

    Cube Stress Ball
    This cubes stress reliever is just one of our thousands of stress shapes. Please browse our stress...


  5. Curve Candlelight Set 46705

    Curve Candlelight Set
    The two Nuance curve candlelights look like beautiful sculptures.They are inspired by soft forms in...

    From£63.37 Each

  6. Deluxe Fragrace Diffuser 46711

    Deluxe Fragrace Diffuser
    Fill the decorative silver ceramic vase with soothing lily scented fragrance oil. When you insert...

    From£6.15 Each

  7. Dice Stress Reliever 46305

    Dice Stress Reliever
    There is no need to gamble with this . Enough imprint space on one side to fit your logo

    From£0.61 Each

  8. Football Stress Reliever 46236

    Football Stress Reliever
    Be sportive and squeeze your stress away

    From£0.46 Each

  9. Fragrance Diffuser 46714

    Fragrance Diffuser
    Wooden reeds draw scented oil from the glass bottle and disperse the fragrance softly and steadily...

    From£1.85 Each

  10. Globe Stress Reliever 46238

    Globe Stress Reliever
    Promote your business all over the world

    From£0.49 Each

  11. Heart shaped stress item 47333

    Heart shaped stress item
    Spread your company's love around the office with this

    From£0.38 Each

  12. Horn Noisemaker 30992712

    Horn Noisemaker
    The Horn can be blown or spoken through and magnifies the noise made. Comes complete with neck cord...

    From£0.68 Each

  13. Light Bulb Stress Reliever 46239

    Light Bulb Stress Reliever
    Perfectly suited for companies with bright ideas!

    From£0.72 Each

  14. Round Stress Reliever 46237

    Round Stress Reliever
    Bounch, throw or squeeze these different coloured stress balls

    From£0.41 Each

  15. Stress Ball ADV15.13289

    Stress Ball
    Available in a wide range of popular colours to suit your brand and can be printed in up to four...

    From£0.60 Each

  16. Stress Football ADV15.13287

    Stress Football
    The Stress Football is sure to be winner with any of your football-mad customers! Your company logo...

    From£0.65 Each

  17. Stress Globe Key Chain 46265

    Stress Globe Key Chain
    Promote your worldwide business with this globe key chain

    From£0.44 Each

  18. Stress Heart ADV15.13291

    Stress Heart
    Our Stress Heart is ideal for a whole host of different industries and promotions. It's sure to be...

    From£0.62 Each

  19. Stress Rugby Ball ADV15.20335

    Stress Rugby Ball
    Offers a good-sized branding area for your logo. This useful product is sure to get your details...

    From£0.80 Each