Wine Accessories

  1. 2 Pcs Wine Set 46709

    2 Pcs Wine Set
    This wine set consists of a waitress knife and a bottle stopper presented in a nicely designed...

    From£4.37 Each

  2. 3 pcs Wine set 46647

    3 pcs Wine set
    Waiter knife, bottle stopper and drip stopper in gift box

    From£5.10 Each

  3. 3 Pcs Wine Set 47214

    3 Pcs Wine Set
    Designed to reflect centuries-old craftsmanship perfected by French knife makers, this pleasing...

    From£21.67 Each

  4. 4 Pcs Wine Set 46710

    4 Pcs Wine Set
    ''. This uniquely designed gift box contains 4 essential wine accessories; waitress knife, bottle...

    From£5.83 Each

  5. 6 Pcs Deluxe Wine Set 46658

    6 Pcs Deluxe Wine Set
    When you open this luxurious bamboo gift box you will find everything you need to serve a good...

    From£54.79 Each

  6. 9 pcs Wine set 46648

    9 pcs Wine set
    Luxury wooden gift box with 2 wine stoppers, drip stopper, thermometer, foil cutter, funnel, lever...

    From£27.02 Each

  7. Ascot A5 Menu / Wine List 300179456

    Ascot A5 Menu / Wine List
    A5 menu / wine list finished in Ascot hide leather. Interior has double pvc pocket.

    From£21.98 Each

  8. Belluno A5 Menu / Wine List 300178223

    Belluno A5 Menu / Wine List
    A5 menu / wine list finished in Belluno Italian PU leatherette which changes colour when embossed...

    From£12.56 Each

  9. Bergerac Wine Set 150131

    Bergerac  Wine Set
    Finished with a black rubber coating which not only looks good, but also provides a comfortable...

    From£6.78 Each

  10. Bottle Brainteaser 46682

    Bottle Brainteaser
    Crack the code of this wooden brain teaser to earn your bottle of wine

    From£10.74 Each

  11. Bottle Opener and Stopper (Rectangular) 70181436

    Bottle Opener and Stopper (Rectangular)
    A standard rectangular Bottle Opener that also seals an opened bottle if required. Can be printed...

    From£0.33 Each

  12. Carving Set 47806

    Carving Set
    This is a unique gift. The knife is perfect for cutting poultry and vegetables, and the carving...

    From£26.74 Each

  13. Champagne Gift Set 46763

    Champagne Gift Set
    The ultimate set for the Champagne / sparkling wine enthusiasts. This Champagne bottle opener and...

    From£12.56 Each

  14. Cocktail Shaker 47329

    Cocktail Shaker
    Traditional with strainer and measuring cup. Stainless steel

    From£7.43 Each

  15. Diamond Wine Set 46708

    Diamond Wine Set
    Open the jewellery box and find a sparkling diamond ring and slip it on gently. Preserve the wine...

    From£6.77 Each

  16. Fist Bottle Opener 70181458

    Fist Bottle Opener
    A standard rectangular Fist Bottle Opener that also seals an opened bottle if required. Can be...

    From£0.33 Each

  17. Infrared Wine Thermometer 46702

    Infrared Wine Thermometer
    With this you can measure the temperature of your wine without any contact with the liquid. It will...

    From£37.18 Each

  18. Jug Stirrer 00133674

    Jug Stirrer
    A long stemmed stirrer that can have a custom shaped head moulded and foil printed in relief or pad...

    From£0.37 Each

  19. Luxury Wine Set 150127

    Luxury Wine Set
    Luxurious wine set in decorative wooden gift box including waiter's cutter (with corkscrew, bottle...

    From£8.98 Each

  20. Personal Ashtray 70181692

    Personal Ashtray
    A two part container to store cigarette ash and stubs. The base and lid can be in different colours

    From£1.08 Each

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