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What do we do?

Sourcing – we love it. If it's out there we'll find it, and if it's not we'll design and create it ourselves. Because we're totally committed to providing innovative, high-quality products to support your promotional marketing, shopper marketing, direct marketing, PR, exhibitions, staff incentives etc.

We don't just do run-of-the-mill business gifts. We do complete sourcing service that not only offers a carefully selected range of high-quality ready-to-go catalogue items, but innovative and original bespoke solutions too... and all things in between. We literally do go to the ends of the earth to find the right products and suppliers, and over the years have forged strong relationships internationally with the best in the business.

There has been a growing awareness around the world to reputational risk and how this could impact on your brand. The area of reputational risk is both complex and ever changing so, buyers beware! We are not the norm, we take our responsibility very seriously for ensuring we do all the due diligence for you. Our major client brands work with us to not just to provide exciting marketing materials but ones which are sustainable, ethical and safe for the intended market.

And we do it sustainability – we aim to be as sustainable as we can. Our Green Team ensure we include environmentally friendly promotional product in our responses. Not only that but we are designing totally unique sustainable products for local manufacture to help our clients meet their own sustainability goals. We are 'human friendly' too. What's more, we don't just take someone's word for it - we audit factories and check appropriate certification ourselves. Because in this, as in all things, we believe that a responsible, fully compliant and sustainable approach works out better for everybody.